Focused selling. 10Homes.

A 10Homes agent only takes on 10Homes at any time, so that they have the time, resources and motivation that they need to properly focus on getting the best results for you.

Local. Property experts.

Your agent has managed a local estate agency business at the top level, and has superb local knowledge and practical experience to help get you the results that you need.

Selling, not listing.

Anyone can list properties online. A 10Homes agent will sell your home. Every home is different, so when we look at selling your home, we will take the time to create a bespoke marketing plan that will help us achieve the best results for you.

Real estate agency.

Estate Agency isn’t broken; it just needs to be done properly, the way it used to be done. Our Real Estate Agents spend more time actually speaking to potential buyers, and selling your home.

Your dedicated agent.

Every 10Homes agent is the point of contact for the full sale process, from first visit all the way through to completion. Your 10Homes agent will get to know your home properly, so that they can sell the best features to potential buyers, whom they will show around themselves.

We might not be available to sell your home.

Sorry, but if our agent has 10Homes for sale, they will not take on any further homes until they have sold at least one of them. Achieving the best results for their vendors always takes priority.

Six Week Sales.

We aim to have your property under offer in 6 weeks. Here are some of the things we do to help acheive this:

  • Valuing your home correctly. Starting with the real market value, whilst allowing room for bidding, positions your property for the best results.
  • Having all the documentation available for qualified buyers, and having all the paperwork lodged with your solicitor so that you are ready to move forward when you accept an offer.
  • Focusing on selling your property, rather than on winning instructions

Here are some of the things that we do as standard to achieve the best results for you.

Full “legal” pack. Buyers need information. We will collate all the available information before marketing your property so that buyers have all the information they need to proceed, and so they know that you are in a position to sell. This pack will also be lodged with your solicitor, to help speed up the conveyance process.

Reservation agreements. We provide legal reservation agreements as standard, allowing buyer and seller to enter into the transaction with confidence that both parties will perform as agreed.

Bespoke marketing package. Your agent has a marketing budget for your home, to create a bespoke marketing package which will help achieve the best result for you.
Public bidding. We can host public bidding on the property listing page of our website, with a view to driving the price higher to achieve the best result.

Speak to the agent. Buyers speak directly to the person who knows about your property, without having to go through a “call centre” style office. Your 10Homes agent will know your property and will sell it to potential buyers when they get in touch.

Professional photography. Professional photographs taken by our in house photographer, including “Instagram style” shots.

Video. A detailed walkthrough of the property can be helpful when the property is being targeted towards investors.

Floorplan. A clear floor plan is crucial in helping buyers consider whether your property is right for them.

Mail Drops. Targeted mail drops can be effective in reaching a key demographic to whom your property may be of interest.

Sale boards. A 10Homes board features a friendly photograph of your 10Homes agent, making them more approachable to potential buyers.

Portal listing and website. RightMove is the website of choice for most home hunters, so that is where your property will be listed, alongside other portals and

Social media. Social media can be helpful in attracting interest to a full online listing.

Email outputs. Properties sent via email to matched buyers.

Bespoke (To be used in a heavily saturated market, or when other methods are not producing reasonable results):

  • Google Adwords campaign
  • Google Places listing
  • Marketing video – Professionally produced “lifestyle” video for aspirational homes
  • Video brochure for aspirational homes

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